Our Vision

To build a future where the body’s natural healing abilities
are supercharged to improve the quality and length of life.

To battle and treat multiple inflammatory diseases and ailments through the use of stemXcell activated stem cell therapies.

About Us

We are a team of dedicated scientists, clinicians, technologists and business professionals who are passionate about saving lives. Backed by twenty years of foundational stem cell research, PrimeGen US is engaged in the translation of novel cell therapy discoveries into clinical solutions. We are leading the fight against acute and chronic inflammatory diseases with our patented stemXcell platform.


stemXcell is the platform through which we discover, test and develop activated mesenchymal stem cells that are pre-programmed to treat targeted inflammatory diseases.

Today, we are preparing for FDA-authorized clinical trials that will test our stemXcell MSC treatments with enhanced immunomodulatory properties for treating chronic and acute liver diseases. Additionally, we are pursuing preclinical and clinical studies for other disease models, including NASH and ASH, and are continuing our research into numerous other inflammatory diseases.

A History of Innovation

PrimeGen’s Story Begins!
PrimeGen US
  • Starts cell therapy development using adult stem cells
PrimeGen Expands Human Research and Development
  • Focus expands to include immune-evasive MSCs
  • Develops human adipose MSC platform
  • Creates patented stem cell wound healing therapy
  • Starts Parkinson’s Disease neural stem cell R&D
  • Develops platform for making adult pluripotent stem cells
PrimeGen Makes History
  • Creates non-embryonic pluripotent stem cells (PSCs)
  • Turned PSCs into beating cardiomyocytes
  • Creates human heart, brain, bone and cartilage cells
  • Partners with RTI to develop orthopedic cell therapies
Sparks Legislators’ Interest in Cell Therapy
  • Presents research at landmark Capitol Hill briefing
  • Pioneers non-viral iPSC cell reprogramming
  • Studies BMSCs ability to restore spinal cord function
PrimeGen Creates Fertility Preservation Platform
  • Creates platform to preserve cancer patient fertility
  • Receives licensing approval from state of California for cell manufacturing facility
  • Increases focus on treating inflammatory diseases
PrimeGen Focuses on MSC Applications
  • Begins allogenic MSC preclinical work for cirrhosis
  • Commences research on human kidney applications
Develops Veterinary Cell Therapy Models
  • Starts MSC therapy development for pets
  • Opens ISO-7 certified facility in California
PrimeGen Introduces VetCell Therapeutics
  • Launches VetCell brand to market therapies for pets
Completes Human Cirrhosis Preclinical Study
  • Concludes 5 year preclinical study of cirrhosis patients
  • Embarks on FDA approval process for veterinary therapies
  • FDA grants PrimeGen INADs for canine AD
  • Starts clinical trial for treating canine OA with MSCs in Asia
  • Initiates canine AD study with Western University
PrimeGen Expands Global Presence
  • FDA grants PrimeGen INAD for FCGS
  • VetCell begins commercialization in Asia
Prepares for Human Clinical Trials
  • Prepares MSC clinical trial for liver cirrhosis in China
  • Initiates preclinical liver MSC study with USC
  • Initiates recruitment for FCGS clinical trial at UC Davis
Entering Clinical Phases
  • Initiates primed MSC clinical trial for liver cirrhosis in China
  • Concludes human MSC liver study with USC
  • Begins larger animal liver study with USC
  • Expands integration of multimodal MSC treatments
  • Initiates multi-center clinical trial for FCGS
Gallant Acquires VetCell USA IP
  • Gallant acquired VetCell FCGS IP
  • PrimeGen sharpens focus on stemXcell platform
  • PrimeGen expands clinical models for FDA review
StemMed Scientific Acquires PrimeGen
  • PrimeGen Global was acquired by StemMed Scientific
  • Company reorganized to prioritize US clinical trials
  • Preparing first US clinical trial for aMSC therapy for acute liver disease

Management Team

Mr. Tom Yuen

Mr. Daniel O. Chiu

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board of PrimeGen US, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of X-Spatial Media Technology Limited, a leading acoustic technology company with a widespread presence across the US and Asia.

With a passion for medical technologies, Mr. Chiu has invested in and developed businesses related to the medical industry. He brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked extensively in state-of-the-art aerospace technologies, hi-tech engineering, project management, strategic planning, and major international project developments.

Mr. Chiu has an illustrious career spanning over several decades. In the 1980s and 1990s, he served as an independent consultant to various multinational companies in relation to their investment and projects in China and Asia. Notably, he assisted a major European radar and airport company in securing a contract worth more than US$ 180 million in China and helped a major US telecom equipment company secure its first provincial wide telephone switching equipment contract in China.

Before establishing himself as a hi-tech project development expert, Mr. Chiu had a long-standing career in the US aerospace industry with Ford Aerospace, Hughes Aircraft, and Rocketdyne. During this time, he was involved in state-of-the-art technology projects such as the Space Shuttle Main Engine, Galileo Jupiter space craft, and satellite programs.

Mr. Chiu holds a B.Scs. in Mechanical Engineering from California State University of Long Beach. His technical expertise, coupled with his business acumen, has played a pivotal role in the success of X-Spatial Media Technology Limited.

Mr. Wai Sun SZETO<br />

Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished business development strategist with a proven track record of success. With extensive experience in forming US and international joint ventures, he has helped some of the largest companies in the world generate billions in revenue.

As the COO of PrimeGen, Szeto leverages his expertise in global supply chain development and manufacturing to drive business growth. Prior to his role at PrimeGen, he held senior management positions at Kingston Technology, where he established the technology subsidiaries of one of the largest semiconductor memory products manufacturers in the world.

Before Kingston, Szeto served as Vice President of Global Operations at AST Research, a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s leading personal computer manufacturers at the time. In this role, he managed engineering groups that created leading-edge personal computers, developed global manufacturing and supply chain networks, cultivated strategic supplier relationships, and oversaw Asia Pacific marketing and sales.

Szeto’s technical expertise and business acumen have earned him recognition and respect in the industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Szeto is also passionate about giving back to the community. He is actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including those focused on education and poverty alleviation. With his broad skill set and commitment to excellence, Szeto is a driving force behind the success of PrimeGen and other ventures.

Wai Szeto
Joel Marh

Mr. Joel Marh

Executive Vice President, Chief Science Officer

Joel Marh has over 20 years of academic and industry experience leading research in mammalian and human developmental stem cell biology, somatic cell reprogramming, and gene-editing techniques in animals and cells. He is an inventor of Primegen’s Key Patents and has been an author of many publications in high-profile scientific journals. Currently, Joel is overseeing both the R&D and Production efforts for PrimeGen.

Prior to joining Primegen, he was the Director of the Mouse Transgenic Facility at the Institute for Biogenesis Research at the University of Hawaii. There he led a group developing novel genome editing tools, protein expression model system in stem cells and mammalian cells, and genetically modified mouse models used for translational research.  He has also previously held senior roles at Advanced Cell Technologies, developing and modifying patient-specific human embryonic stem cells for therapies.  Before that, he was a member of the mouse cloning team at the Institute for Biogenesis Research at the University of Hawaii.

Mr. John T.H. Chang

Chief Financial Officer

A highly experienced financial officer with over 50 years of experience in managing company finances, including publicly listed health companies. As the Chief Financial Officer and Board of Director at PrimeGen US, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization.

Throughout his career, Chang has held various senior financial roles, including Controller of the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, Manager of System and Reporting at Ross Loos Medical Group, Controller of the International Division for National Medical Enterprises, CFO of the Hollywood Reporter, and President of Physician Administrators President of Winford, Inc.

At Winford, Inc., Chang developed the operation and financial systems from scratch, effectively managing cash inflow, disbursements, and reporting while improving quality and efficiency in operation. He successfully obtained support from banks to build a second operation, significantly increasing the profitability position and boosting shareholder dividends by 10-fold.

Chang is a graduate of National Taiwan University and holds an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Business School. His extensive experience and knowledge in managing company finances have made him a valuable asset to PrimeGen US, helping the organization to achieve its financial goals and grow sustainably.

Joel Marh
Joel Marh

Mr. Michael Sha, Ph.D

Senior Genetic Engineering & Technical Advisor

Dr. Michael Sha is a highly accomplished R&D leader with over 25 years of experience in molecular genetics and diagnostics. As Senior Genetic Engineering & Technical Adviser at PrimeGen US, he provides invaluable expertise in developing functional screening techniques for uncultivable bacteria, utilizing microfluidic chip PCR and NGS. Dr. Sha has extensive experience in NGS applications in liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics, fetal cell diagnostics for NIPT, metagenomics, in vitro diagnostics/companion diagnostic, and bio-nanotechnology.

Prior to joining PrimeGen US, Dr. Sha served as the CTO and SVP of R&D at Diacarta Inc, where he continued to focus on NGS and its applications in diagnostics. His expertise has led multiple teams to receive numerous awards and over $3 million for CTC/ctDNA NGS and cardiac biomarkers POC projects for the Intensity Innovation Program during his tenure at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Dr. Sha also worked as a senior staff scientist at Illumina Inc, where he led a molecular biology team in developing Chip PCR for NGS and CMOS-based Sequencing System.

Dr. Sha earned his Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Southern California and completed his postdoctoral research in HPV E6-mediated p53 protein degradation at the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He has published over sixty papers and holds 20 patents. His expertise in molecular genetics and diagnostics continues to drive innovation and growth at PrimeGen US.

Mr. Brian Lu

Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Mr. Brian Lu has more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing with major international pharmaceutical companies. He is a knowledgeable professional in working with major medical research facilities in pharmaceutical clinical trials and working closely with major hospitals for treatment, with a specialization in oncology drugs. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements in marketing and sales, including the Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative of the Year in 1997 and the LA District Leadership Award in 2013.

Prior to joining PrimeGen, Mr. Lu held senior marketing and sales positions at several multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Aventis, Sanofi-Aventis, and Roche. At Roche, Mr. Lu worked on developing and launching multiple oncology drugs, including Herceptin, Tarceva, and Avastin. He also worked as a National Director for Breast Cancer at Sanofi-Aventis, where he led the launch of their first line treatment for breast cancer.

Mr. Lu received his B.A. from the University of California, Riverside and his MBA from Pepperdine University.

Joel Marh
PrimeGen US

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