What We Do

PrimeGen has developed the stemXcell platform to streamline the discovery of key cytokines, proteins and other agents required to activate or prepare human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells to treat targeted inflammatory diseases.

StemXcell Platform

The stemXcell platform enables PrimeGen to:

Increase Potency – Deliver highly potent, allogeneic stem-cell therapies that are pre-activated to treat a specific disease.

Scalable Production – Achieve unprecedented scalability with the use of allogeneic human umbilical MSCs and proprietary cryoprotective methods. Human umbilical cord-derived stem cells can support multiple passages resulting in the production of billions of potent cells. PrimeGen’s proprietary cryoprotective methods allow for large-scale production, storage, and distribution of potent activated MSCs.

Deliver targeted therapies on a disease-by-disease basis.

Improved Efficacy – Enable the delivery of superior and patented cell therapy solutions into largely unserved markets.

Currently, PrimeGen US is focused on delivering activated therapies for multiple disease types in the $300+ billion market for treating liver disease in the US. Our stemXcell activation technology can be applied to most proven MSC-based therapies.

Our intent is to deliver a solution for acute and chronic liver disease and then to pursue and/or license stemXcell solutions for other inflammatory conditions, such as: diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis, as well as osteoarthritis and dermal wound healing.

There is a large opportunity for PrimeGen to apply its stemXcell activation and acceleration to already proven MSC therapies.

PrimeGen US - Platform

1. Discovery

We begin by sourcing diseased tissue and blood from patients in order to identify up-regulated disease-specific biomarkers. Those biomarkers are used as potent factors for the activation of hUC-MSCs. Once activated, these cells are to be used for novel treatment of specific diseases.

2. Grow & Activate

In this step, hUC-MSCs are culture expanded and activated using the cytokines determined in the Discovery phase.

3. Test In-vitro

Our In-Vitro testing protocols utilize Multiplex ELISA assays to measure the cytokine secretion of our stemXcell activated hUC-MSCs. We use this data to select and further test the most effective activation factors for treating the disease.

4. Test In-Vivo

Our proprietary In-Vivo testing methodoligies utilize humanized mouse models for specific human disease indications. These tests are designed to examine the functional and therapeutic benefits of our cytokine-activated hUC-MSCs in treating specific diseases.

5. Analyze

Finally, we analyze the data from both the in vitro and in vivo experiments to confirm that the activated hUC-MSCs produce the desired therapeutic effect on the humanized mouse disease model. 

These results are used to further determine our activated MSC potency assay for later clinical use.

PrimeGen US

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