Leading a Stem Cell

Treating Disease, Naturally

Our Goal is Simple

We aim to cure inflammatory diseases naturally at the cellular level.

PrimeGen US utilizes the human body’s natural healing ability to regulate inflammatory diseases resulting in longer lives and healthier humans.


Americans have


The accumulation of excess fat in the
liver cells, not caused by alcohol.

Between 30-40% of adults in the US have NAFLD

Americans have


Severe NAFLD results in liver swelling,
reduced function and damage.

Up to 30% of people with NAFLD will develop NASH

Americans have


Excessive and irreversible scarring
that greatly impairs liver function.

Around 20% of people with NASH develop Cirrhosis


The StemXcell™ Platform

PrimeGen US has developed the methods for isolating and utilizing the pro-inflammatory elements present in target diseases to activate mesenchymal stem cells to immediately perform an anti-inflammatory function when introduced into the body.

Working with Primary Cells

All cells in the body are created by stem cells, but there is more to stem cells than making bone, muscle, and tissue. Stem cells are also critical in healing and immunoregulation and act as the body’s natural internal drug factory.

Stem Cell
Immune System

Our Natural Response

When injured through trauma, infection, or virus the body’s natural response is to call out the entire military. The race to the injured organ or limb results in a battle to erase infection but also contributes to often unwanted inflammation.

Inflammatory Disease

When injury persists, inflammation becomes chronic. More than just a swollen ankle, chronic inflammation leads to countless debilitating diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, and others.

Inflammatory Disease

Modifying the Message

It is the body’s immune system responding to chemical messages that result in inflammation. Changing or “modulating” these messages can alter the body’s natural reaction and reduce or eliminate unwanted inflammation.

A SuperCharged Response

When exposed to pro-inflammatory messages, mesenchymal stem cells secrete anti-inflammatory cytokines. These cytokines naturally reduce the body’s inflammatory response, resulting in faster healing.

Super Charged Response
PrimeGen US

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